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Meet the Artist 

Nate Elarton started carving wood in 2007... 

A friend introduced him to wood carving on a sunny afternoon in Tennesse on a Sunday after Church. 


He ran a chisel through some cedar and never stopped carving from that moment on. 


"I enjoy everything about carving. I love learning, planning a project, and seeing that project finished. In addition, I love the carving community, friendships, and meeting new people." 


Nate feels that Woodcarving has been a gift to his life. 

Nate lives in Temperance, Michigan, happily married for 35 years to his wife, Wendy. He has three adult children that are all married. 


Along with Woodcarving, Nate is a pastor at a great church that he and Wendy, his wife, started in 1996. Its called Compelled Church with a campus in Temperance, MI, and Toledo, Ohio. 


Nate enjoys leadership, mountain biking, music, and playing bass and piano. You can find his writings on Spirituality and faith on 

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Explore the Process

Really good things take time. Every piece created is a culmination of creativity, process, and determination. With each piece comes new challenges and victories a true test of creative possibility. 
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Contact the Artist

Nate offers lessons from time to time and is available for questions about Wood Sculpting. Fill out the form below with your questions and inquiries, and he will get back to you soon. 
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